Recruitment Funnel

In a soon to be released version of ClinSpark there will be significantly enhanced functionality to support the process of identifying subjects and the subsequent recruitment steps taken to get to a screening appointment. This process is typically referred to as the Recruitment Funnel. 

A look into the Study Subject component

Introduced in ClinSpark version 1.4.0, this feature will empower users to interact with subjects throughout the study lifecycle. Built with physicians in mind, it allows for actionable management of Subject Status, Adverse Events, Assessments, Eligibility, Informed Consent, Over-Volunteering, Subject Details and Audits.

ClinSpark connects to Verified Clinical Trials

The global research subject duplicate enrollment prevention solution Verified Clinical Trials (VCT) and Foundry Health’s eSource and phase I automation platform ClinSpark® are now electronically connected. The integration greatly simplifies the process for site users to check for duplicate subject enrollments and several other protocol violations.