Foundry Health, an IQVIA business, is a digital health company that seeks to empower health professionals by building software tools that put the patient back at the center of each encounter.

Patient-first Clinical Research

We believe in challenging the status quo by creating strategic solutions that reflect researcher needs, industry trends and “out of the box” thinking. We do this to increase subject empathy and compassion while speeding up the delivery of tomorrow’s drugs for today’s illnesses.

Sole focus on Phase I

At Foundry Health we work with a team of 10 enthusiastic professionals with the sole focus to make ClinSpark the new standard for Phase I units. Most of us have hands-on experience of working in a Phase I unit and know the specific challenges inherent to Phase I.


Brock Heinz

Is the founder and CEO of Foundry Health. As an engineering-minded leader, Brock sets the technical direction and strategy for the company. In this role he works very closely with Foundry Health’s engineering team to tirelessly work toward bringing eClinical data capture into the 21st century. He has a background in software consulting and worked on enterprise integration efforts in a variety of industries and designed and developed EHR connectivity solutions to serve clinicians and patients. Before founding his current company, he worked for five years on clinical research, ECG Core lab and medical device manufacturing projects for Spaulding Clinical Research in West Bend, WI.


We are proud to have a very enthusiastic and thriving client base. The number of clients that are using ClinSpark is rapidly growing. In 2018 we doubled the number of Phase I units using ClinSpark from four to eight. Our clients are based in US and Europe and include both commercial CRO and Large Pharma organisations.


We believe that the strength of our solution is for a large part determined by its interaction with other systems. Therefore we are very pleased to have strong connections with leading partners in the industry.

Questions or Comments?

We’d love to hear from you, so please contact us for any comments or questions you may have.